From Projects to Products: How to Stop Selling Your Time


Are you interested in developing and selling products? Seems almost silly to ask, right?

Everyone Brian Clark talks to wants to make a product and leave the world of client work behind. Designers, writers, and other freelancers, but also lawyers, realtors, consultants … you name it.

Even those who love working with clients wouldn’t mind that more passive revenue stream. Who wouldn’t want to supplement income and pick and choose from among the best clients and projects?

So what’s the secret? Well, it’s no secret at all.

In this 13-minute episode of Unemployable with Brian Clark, you’ll hear:

  • The simple (but not easy) key to products
  • Why “create and pray” is a fail
  • How Steve Jobs and Henry Ford are misunderstood
  • Why problems and desires rule
  • The audience-first approach to product development
  • How “know, like, and trust” works like magic
  • The show’s first listener question answered!
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