How to Let Your Business Thrive (By Getting Out of Its Way)


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur has started several successful businesses, written three books, is a motivational speaker, and has consulted with companies in several different industries.

He coaches teams and businesses on the actions required in order to grow. As a result, he is known as the entertainer, educator, and consultant of choice for America’s leading companies.

He is the founder of Thrive 15, an online education and practical training platform for entrepreneurs, which is taught by millionaires, mentors, and everyday success stories.

Now, let’s hack …

Clay Clark.

In this 38-minute episode of Hack the Entrepreneur, host Jon Nastor and Clay Clark discuss:

  • Why Clay feels you need to be ruthless with your time
  • The benefits of studying successful entrepreneurs
  • Learning others’ best practices and applying them to yourself
  • How to clearly define your own success
  • Creating your mission and values
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