Two Ways to Turn Facebook Fans into Paying Customers


Jon Loomer has been using Facebook for business since 2007. And despite the ever-changing landscape, Jon has continued to thrive by marketing on the platform. Jon is now a leading Facebook marketing expert, and in this episode of Technology Translated, it’ll be clear why.

When host Scott Ellis asked Jon to come on his show, he had no idea what a treat his listeners were in for.

By the middle of this episode, listeners will recognize the gold mine of information Jon is sharing, including how he executed one campaign that converted Facebook fans to email subscribers at the whopping rate of 92%.

It might sound to good to be true, but tune in and hear Jon describe how he did it, and it’ll all make sense.

In this 24-minute episode of Technology Translated, host Scott Ellis and Jon Loomer discuss:

  • The state of Facebook business pages
  • How to build your Facebook audience the right way
  • The audience targeting priority list
  • The best starting point for Facebook marketing success
  • A dead-simple breakdown of Facebook retargeting
  • The Facebook tools you’re not using enough
  • How to build a targeted email list through Facebook
  • How to filter out the wrong audience to get to the right one
  • What delivering value before you ask for anything really looks like
  • Jon’s two pieces of advice for anyone just starting out with Facebook advertising
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