33 Freelance Sites to Explore for Freelance Assistance and Jobs

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Small businesses need freelancers for the flexibility they offer versus permanent employees. Solopreneurs, especially, need to employ experts as they are needed and freelance sites are the best places to find them.

Freelancers need contracts and having work from multiple companies provides more income security than simply working for one company. Signing up with a freelance site gives a freelancer a marketing channel until he or she has built up a personal network of contacts.

Companies use freelance sites because of the large number of expert talent they find there. They know they are likely to find someone with the skill set they need.

General Freelance Sites


In August 2015, Elance and Odesk merged to create Upwork. This site works well for employers because of its size and the range of jobs you can have done. There are many high-quality freelancers on Upwork.

The rating system means you can see what previous employers think of the freelancer you are about to take on. Upwork works for freelancers because of the escrow payment protection system and the large number of jobs available.


Businesses can find U.S.-based freelancers with skills in many areas on Guru.

Employers like the breadth of freelancers that are available and the time-tracking system that was introduced in 2015. Full-time freelancers must upgrade to a paid account, which reduces the number of spurious applicants for jobs.

Freelancers like the escrow payment system and the way Guru handles U.S. tax reporting for them.


The third of the “big three” freelancing sites is Freelancer. Employers can find freelancers with skills as diverse as article writing, website building, and graphic design.

Small businesses like Freelancer because of the staged payments that are available and the on-site communications with freelancers. Freelancers like the site because of the large number of jobs offered and the secure escrow payment system.


There are two ways your company can use CrowdSite.

First, you could create a 140-character ‘shout’ describing your project and see who responds, choose one person and negotiate a price and delivery details.

Or, you could launch a design contest, receive scores of entries, choose the best one, and negotiate the finer details with the winner.

You pay for design contests up front. Freelancers can enter design contests in the confidence that, if they win, the payment has already been made or they can bid and negotiate for project ‘shouts’.


From article writing to website and logo design, you can find every service on the planet for $5.50 at Fiverr. The quality you get is very good for the price, but you will have to pay extra charges in many cases to get the service you require. Freelancers often use Fiverr to establish themselves in their niche and it is very easy to set up as a service provider on the site.


One of the smaller freelancing sites is PeoplePerHour. Small business owners can find a great range of freelancers on this site and can employ them for a trial hour before committing to a longer-term contract.

Employers only pay a deposit to start a freelancer working, though the full contract amount must be paid to release the work. Freelancers love the range of jobs that are available and the escrow payment system.

Mechanical Turk

If your business needs many tiny tasks completed, Mechanical Turk is the freelance site you need. This is an Amazon site where small businesses can post very small tasks that only take a few seconds or minutes to do.

Small businesses can outsource all the thousands of tiny tasks that are reducing productivity and have them done for a few cents each. Freelancers like the simplicity of the jobs being offered.


Small sites like Freelanced offer more basic services. Freelanced is essentially a messaging board that freelancers pay to access. Small business users find it very simple to use and there are no commissions to pay to the website.

Payments are made direct to the freelancer without any compulsory escrow service. Freelancers like the low-cost monthly subscriptions and the flexibility they have to use third-party escrow services for new employers.

Rat Race Rebellion

If your company has positions that could be filled by someone working from home, then Rat Race Rebellion is worth checking out.

For employers, the process is as simple as just sending an email with a job description. There are no charges either for employers or freelancers. Freelancers do need to be cautious because contracts and payments are entirely off-site and there is little pre-screening of jobs that are posted.


If you have a skilled or professional vacancy where hours, location, or conditions are flexible, then FlexJobs might be the perfect answer for your company.

Posting a job is free, though you have to sign up. You can also pay for preferential placement of your freelance or flexible job. People looking for flexible work pay a small monthly fee. This fee ensures thorough screening of all vacancies.

FlexJobs also searches the Internet for professional-level flexible jobs, which makes the freelancer’s job a little easier.

Freelance Writing Jobs

Online Writing Jobs

Every small company needs writers to produce professional-quality copy. Online Writing Jobs is a good place to find those writers. Writers are pre-screened and require industry-specific expertise before they are accepted, so you know you are hiring the right writer.

Any articles go through a two-stage editing process before they are sent to the employer. Writers who have some authority within their niche can earn a regular income. Payments are sent weekly by check or PayPal.


You can have articles written for your company by qualified subject-specialist writers at Daily Posts. This is a British company that employs writers from the U.S. and around the world.

All articles are checked by two editors before they are sent to you. Freelance writers can apply to Daily Posts and will find as much work as they can handle at fair rates. Payments are sent out weekly by PayPal.

Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs

If you want Canadian writers and are prepared to pay fair rates, Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs is the site you need. The site is free to both employers and writers, so it is ad-supported. Only job ads that pay a fair rate are accepted. Canadian freelance writers can get themselves on the site by applying and placing a link to Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs on their own sites.


Small business owners can use Textbroker to have paragraphs or articles written mainly by U.S. writers. Textbroker has the advantage that you can specify the quality of the writing you want and only pay higher rates for important articles. Freelancers know their payments are secure and that they will be paid higher rates as their writing skills improve. Payments are sent by PayPal.

Freelance Journalist Jobs


If your company issues press releases, then a journalist is the ideal freelance employee for you. JournalismJobs is the place to find the person you need. If you are a qualified journalist looking for freelance work, then you should register with the site and post your resume.


If your company is looking for a journalist, consider placing a job ad on MediaBistro. This is a jobs board for journalists. Most of the jobs advertised are full-time, but journalists are known for their flexibility and it is worth using the board to reach professionals. There is a fee to place a job ad. Freelancers with journalism qualifications can post their resumes for a monthly fee and can apply for job posts on the site.


Your small business can find a journalist to write articles using PitchMe. You sign up, describe the articles you need, and journalists pitch you their ideas. You accept one, pay the site and the journalist is paid when you accept the finished article. Freelance journalists can apply to Pitch Me, but membership requests are individually vetted to maintain quality.

Freelance Visual Arts


FreelanceSwitch has merged with EnvatoStudio to form a freelance site that is primarily focused on graphics, website design and programming. Small businesses can find the freelancers they need to design business cards, develop apps, find writers for press releases and blog posts, all on the same site. Freelancers love the compulsory escrow payments because they guarantee payment for work done.


If you have had difficulty finding good freelancers using traditional freelancing sites, then Aquent might suit your company better. It is a combination of freelancing site and international temp agency. Businesses can post short and long-term vacancies in digital, design, social media and marketing fields. Freelancers like the higher rates of pay than are available on most freelancing sites.


If your small business is looking for original art, then ArtWanted is the place to start. You can browse through artists’ pictures posted for sale or as samples. You can commission the perfect digital or traditional artwork by your preferred artist. Freelance artists can sell their work through ArtWanted with a 15 percent commission charge, or through their own arrangements without a commission fee.

Freelance Graphic Design


Design contests are one way for a company to receive many proposals from graphic designers and still have a reasonable bill. 99Designs is one site that hosts graphic design contests.

You may be sent 50 or more design proposals, but only the designer you choose as the winner gets paid. Freelance designers choose which competitions to enter and know their payment is secure before they start work.


If your company needs a logo, stationery design, or a website, then a DesignHill contest is a good way to get proposals from many different graphic designers. You see up to a hundred draft proposals, choose one to finalize and only that designer is paid. Freelance graphic artists choose what contests in which they compete. And they know the DesignHill escrow system assures them of payment.


Computer Assistant

No small business can afford to run its own IT department and there is no need to do so when freelance IT specialists are available. Computer Assistant lets you register on the site and post your problem. Local freelance computer experts bid on the job. Freelance IT specialists who are called to customers’ premises to fix problems without taking equipment away should apply to Computer Assistant for work in their areas.

Freelance Coding and Web Development


When your business needs a coder for a website redesign, an app, or database development, you can hire one on GetACoder. You can specify local coders or low-cost international code experts and get the job done at a price you are happy with. Freelance coders are charged a commission by the site and every payment is made in advance using an escrow service.


Coding experts and IT professionals are in high demand and are often difficult to find. FreelancerMap is a site where experts, and the people who need them, meet up. There is a monthly or annual subscription required that lets you post jobs and see the applicants for those jobs.

Skilled freelancers can sign up at Freelancer Map for a small monthly fee. There is a free account, but inbox access is limited.

Smashing Jobs

If you need a code expert to launch a new app or WordPress plugin then consider Smashing Jobs. You will need to pay for your job ad. Skilled freelancers should consider applying to Smashing Jobs because there are many well-paid, full-time and freelance jobs available. Payments are arranged between freelancer and client.

Freelance Miscellaneous Jobs


If your small business needs an expert manager, then SkillBridge is the place to look. The freelancers for hire here are special. Some are former corporate vice-presidents or executives and they know their jobs. Consider bringing in a Skillbridge freelancer to manage an important project or to work alongside you for a few months.


The best training process is to teach others what you know. You could encourage your employees to apply to Tutor.com. Subjects required include Law, Management, Accounting and Microsoft Excel. Your employees would be paid by Tutor.com.

Any freelancer with knowledge in these subjects can apply. The only requirements are simple tests, a fast Internet connection, and a background check.


The iSpeakUSpeak site is aimed at freelancers whose first language is English and who have an ESL/EFL teaching qualification. The site matches each freelance teacher with students who want to learn English at their own pace. Freelancers are paid through the site.


Customer services are such a massive drain on a small company that it makes sense to outsource them. Arise acts as a clearinghouse for customer service issues and directs work to qualified freelance personnel.

Services offered include industry-specific solutions such as outbound-calling, account verification and technical support.  Any freelancer interested in working with Arise will need to form a company and have an email address at that company rather than a free email, like with Gmail or Yahoo.


No small business can afford to waste money on legal advice. JustAnswer means you can get the answers to the questions you need quickly.

All experts’ qualifications and expertise are checked before they are allowed to answer questions. The service is a paid one but will cost you less than a visit to a local professional. Qualified freelancers can make a regular working with Just Answer to answer questions in their fields of expertise.

Update Legal

If your legal practice requires extra staff, then Update Legal can provide the qualified staff you need on either a temporary or a permanent basis. Legal freelancers will be attracted by the wide range of benefits available, including medical insurance and a 401(k) program.

Uber, Lyft, Sidecar

Your business could reduce travel expenses by using Uber and Lyft ride-sharing services rather than normal taxis. Sidecar gives you a convenient way to outsource time-crucial deliveries and removes the need for your own delivery service.

Any freelancer with a clean driving record and no criminal history can apply for work through Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar, using their own vehicle to earn extra income.


If your company is hosting clients or visitors from out-of-town then using an Airbnb apartment rather than a hotel room can create a favorable impression and save a few dollars too. The apartments are let by their owners to short-term tenants. Most cities have Airbnb apartments of all sizes. Anyone can rent their residence through Airbnb very simply. All payments are handled by Airbnb. The tenant pays the Airbnb fee, the cleaning fee, as well as a security deposit.


Whether you are looking for services or planning to provide them, these freelance sites will give you plenty of the right places to start looking.

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