iPad Point-Of-Sale Innovations

Many of the locations that I visit are in the beginning stages of  replacing or upgrading point-of-sale (POS) systems.

Interestingly enough, many retailers large and small are experimenting with a tool that many of us see on a more and more frequent basis being utilized by schools, sales persons and those sitting next to us on the airplane. This tool is the tablet.

The benefit of a tablet at retail is that it allows the customer and salesperson to bring it right to the product under consideration, initially providing information that the consumer can use to ‘double-check’ the item and possibly complete the transaction without having to spend time at a sales desk or in a check-out line.

It makes for a more interactive and convenient sales experience, and convenience is one of our industries’ trademarks.

People are comfortable using tablets, even if they haven’t before, and they think they’re fun to use. That gets people eager to work with them and eager to get out on the floor and sell.

The long struggle with sales deflated by merchandise displayed within glass cases resulting in a poor customer experience may be solved with a cashier roaming the sales floor with an iPad. The cashier could be performing merchandising duties while also selling electronics and the like with the added ability to show the features and benefits of the products displayed within the case. With a tablet, the product comes alive; it speaks to the consumer’s visual purchasing mechanism.

So, if you are considering a new POS or an upgrade to your current system, it may be time to research the capability of a tablet and what it can bring to the profitability circle.

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