Top Craft Fair Trends – Fall 2015

Top Craft Fair Trends – Fall 2015


1) Canvas and Leather Totes

This is definitely the accessory you need this season. Canvas totes featured plenty of leather details including the straps. We love how this version perfectly emulates the marble designs also found on the wooden bowls from Wind and Willow Home.

Wind & Willow 5 (2)

Photo courtesy of

2) Ladders

Whether they were transformed into shelving like this example from, and, or if they were used to display anything from pretty scarves to handmade dishtowels, this was the craft booth display item must-have.

Ladder 1 (2)

3) Succulents & Airplants

Have no fear! Succulents and airplants are definitely still trending for their pop of color and for their hardy dispositions. Another plant on the rise: cactus. Like succulents and airplants, these hard-to-kill plants are making a statement at craft fairs.

CGCeramics 3 (2)

4) Touch of Floral or Green

Related to the trendy succulents and airplants, a touch of green or floral was seen in almost every craft booth. Colorful vases (or even the merchandise itself) could be seen showing off some brightly-colored blooms.

Lina Lulu Paperie 2 (3)

5) Industrial-Chic

The combination of industrial aesthetics with glamour is the most eye-catching trend right now. Expect to see glamorous and bling-y accessories displayed on items you would normally associate with construction. The “industrial glam” is both striking and refreshing.

Lily Dawson Designs 3

6) Wood

Wood! Everywhere! It’s the hottest material to be found. Whether it’s laser-cut wood jewelry like seen below, craft booth displays, or even fun props, wood is going to be the hottest material for craft fairs. And why aren’t we surprised? It adds an instant rustic appeal that always feels so warm and cozy.

arch + craft 3 (2)



Which is your favorite trend?

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