White's 2.0: Destination Station

The Berkstresser's recently completed their second remodel of White's Travel Center and this one is somehow more impressive than the first. Under the Berkstresser's direction, White's evolved into a true family establishment and a home away from home for many. The latest incarnation, White's 2.0 as I call it, not only strengthens that sense of home, but also provides the opportunity to bring a little bit of your travels home thanks to some retail innovation, which I was fortunate enough to witness at their Grand Opening celebration for their expansion -- aptly named Destination Station.  
Bobby Berkstresser, president of family-owned parent company, Vesuvius, Inc. sought out to create a spot that meets all drivers' needs and delivered.  With the addition of Caribou Coffee, Subway, Popeye's Chicken, a made in Virginia store, pet wash, movie theater, barber shop, and the country's first pharmacy at a travel center, no one can confuse White's with a place built solely for truck drivers.  
As I walked around during the Grand Opening celebration, there were times I forgot I was visiting a travel center and felt like I was in the local mall complete with happy people, home goods, essential clothing and a food court with plenty of delicious samples.  Not only does Destination Station offer a lot, but they do a great job of reminding the customer of it with tremendous cross-promotion of their different profit centers throughout.  White's 2.0 is a true community destination, so much so that the Berkstresser's decided to name the expansion Destination Station.
The remodel of White's provides more than just a nice place to pick up dinner or grab something for the house, it provides employment for the local community.  According to Corey Berkstresser, Vesuvius, Inc. is the largest employer in Rockbridge County -- providing more than 300 jobs to the community via all of their locations.  
As we like to say around here, it takes a village and it was clear that Rockbridge community rallied behind White's in their support, as made evident both by the strong community presence and the hard work of all of the local employees responsible for putting together a remarkable celebration for a remarkable place.

Photo Credit: Taryn Brice-Rowland/NATSO

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