Free designated driver program to help lower DUIs


Communities around the globe are using private sponsorship to provide free services for citizens — we’ve already written about free cycle cabs in South Africa. In the US, Evesham township is partnering with local businesses to fund a free Uber-based designated driver program.

Following record levels of DUI arrests and alcohol-related fatalities, Evesham Mayor Randy Brown launched the initiative to deliver free rides home for those who feel they are too intoxicated to drive. By using the Uber app from participating Evesham bars and restaurants, users are able to select a special free-ride option. The car service charge their normal rates, including peak-time fees, which are funded by the town’s non-profit Evesham Celebrations Foundation and private businesses. The service has taken over 350 people home in the first 30 days of service. Mayor Brown states that other local cab companies are welcome to get involved, and hopes to see the scheme implemented throughout the country.

Users are able to experience — however drunkenly — the convenience of taxi services like Uber, benefiting private companies and sponsors with advertising. Can other towns use local business to fund community initiatives?


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