How Explainer Video be powerful Marketing tool for E Commerce Sites

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Animated Explainer Videos for Shopping & E-Commerce Websites

Are you still toying with the idea of using explainer videos for your e-commerce websites? Well, it’s high time you should stop thinking and go create an explainer video. Explainer videos are short videos that are used as a tool to explain about your company, products, and services that can be used to answer questions about your products and provide more information when necessary to viewers and customers.

Explainer videos on shopping websites can help you deliver messages in a more personalized way. With explainer videos, you can make emotional connections with the customers, which is otherwise impossible having tons of content on the site. It is necessary to capture the attention of potential customers visiting your site and make them buy your product in the shortest time duration when the customer is still intent to understand or know more about the product.

For e-commerce websites, a video can make the customers more confident of using your site and making purchases. It can be said that your e-commerce business is losing out on a powerful marketing tool, if you are not using explainer videos. Here are the reasons why your online shopping website will benefit from explainer videos.

Videos are preferred

Animated Videos help to capture attention of audience in the shortest timeframe they could afford to stay on your website. Because accessing the internet from mobiles and tablets PCs is more popular than desktop, videos have a distinct advantage. It is found that mobile users find it easier to gather information through videos than reading texts considering the size of the device. Videos on your site will inadvertently improve the customers’ shopping experience.

Increased conversion rates

A good promo explainer video can create a huge impact on the viewers. A customer is more likely to purchase the product if there is a video on the page. Any marketing tool is about conversions and explainer videos can boost your conversion rates manifold.

Helps in making that final cut!

A buyer may not have arrived at a final decision when he/she arrives on your site.Your explainer video about the product can grab their attention and help make arrive at a decision. The longer the buyers stay on your page, the more likely are the chances that they actually go on to purchase the product. The explainer videos grab the attention of the potential buyers, impress them and make them buy your product.

Increased traffic

The time a buyer stays on a page is one of the aspects that determines the traffic to your site. It is lot easier for you to share your videos on social media and related websites. A good explainer video can also boost your SEO lead. This ultimately helps to boost your conversion rates.

Build trust and loyalty

An animated explainer video can make the buyer more confident about the product or your brand. The viewer is offered more information on a platter about the product or service through your video, which boosts their trust towards your company. Also, the video helps you to connect with the audience as a brand and convey important things about your company to your customers. They can act as a medium where you show your brand ethics or stories that builds brand loyalty.

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