Webcam proctor spots online exam cheats


The growing online education sector enables more people to benefit from distance learning, but questions remain over the potential for cheating. That’s why Software Secure developed Remote Proctor Now (RPNow), a webcam software that monitors students to ensure that online exams maintain educational integrity.

The software integrates with any existing online education and management platform, and uses facial recognition algorithms to track unusual behavior during exams — such as when a user looks away from the screen for long periods of time, or when another person’s face is detected. Video is not observed in real time, but irregularities are flagged up, recorded and passed on. RPNow uses a cloud-based system for integration and data access, so institutions can scale up to large, worldwide online courses, and reduce planning and costs for physical exams where rooms and people would have to be hired for several hours.

Remote proctoring is providing a scalable solution to the growing online academic community. Can other exam types utilize camera-based recognition software?


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