Which one is the best CMS for SEO?

Posted by soaryourseo

My passion for web development has begun over 2 years ago when I first discovered WordPress and it continued to increase ever since. But, I always asked myself: are there any better content management systems (CMS) for me? I tried Joomla and noticed it has a similar working system as WordPress but I found WordPress to be more colorful, intriguing and easier to navigate. Either way, what matters for me is search engine presence and found out that WordPress is better. Not by a lot, but, in the end of the day, I had a more flexible time when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) and building a beautiful website. I am proud of my website, Soaring SEO. And no, I am not trying to boast. This is genuinely a work from the heart. Just because it is WordPress, it does not mean a website lacks detail or resources. Matter of fact, I find WordPress great for all businesses. I can optimize search engine information to a high degree and I scan it through plugins inside the CMS internally and outside using SEO Powersuite.

I first begun by building websites through Wix and Webs and found them weak when it comes to SEO. Especially, Wix. I mean it is a great database to display portfolios to friends and family whenever there is an internet connection. But, when it comes to serious traffic generation, it fell through. When you look into your Wix website after, let's say a few months, you will see that it: overlaps content, erases/ deletes content, and has weak SEO options. Webs is just another easy drag and drop platform that is alright at the most. As as a result, I have come to the conclusion that WordPress is the best for businesses and SEO. But, why WordPress? And what type of businesses is it good for?

WordPress is a user friendly CMS that is time consuming. To set up a basic WordPress website takes approximately 1 week of 8 hours a day (40 hours) for it look presentable. Now, I am referring to a very nice, fully functional and up-to-date website that is appealing to my standards. And once it is ready there is: up-keep, blogging, advertising and using many other programs to make your site #1 on Google. Which programs? SEO Powersuite, Google Trends, Google Webmaster Tools, Screaming Frog, and researching many other ways to make your online campaign noticed. As you may observe, SEO is very time consuming and many businesses want to do what they do best and that is offer their discipline or service.

Which businesses are good for WordPress? Well just about any because WordPress is very customization friendly. If I had to recommend it, it is good for: product selling, services, shops, and small to mid-sized businesses. Larger businesses such as banks and universities will have to customize their WordPress website via coding and programming to make it a more large-scale database. In sum, WordPress is ideal for SEO and business. Wix and Webs are great just for having content online just for your friends, family, and interest. Why would you hire somebody to do SEO and Website Development? Well, it is very time consuming and involves a lot of content creation and writing.

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