DIY Curtains for Your Craft Booth

An often underestimated craft booth decoration is the basic curtain. You can use curtains as a backdrop inside your craft booth which can offer a homey atmosphere to your craft booth design. You can also frame your craft booth with curtains to offer an appealing presentation to passersby and in order to try to draw attention to your booth among all the other vendors. What’s more, you can easily save money on your craft booth design by making your own DIY curtains. You can save some money, and you’re able to customize your curtains to compliment your booth for a truly unique decoration. It’s a great way to show off your crafting skills! Scroll down for some of our favorite, free DIY curtain tutorials.

DIY Curtains for Your Craft Booth

Filigree Curtains: use this tutorial for design inspiration and to learn how to stencil on a curtain. This DIY curtain project is way easier than it looks!

Filigree Curtains

Anthropologie Smoldering Hues Curtain: if you like ruffles and color, then this is a definite must-have! Customize to your booth’s colors or use to create a rainbow of colors or a trendy ombre curtain. If you like the ruffles, but not the color, then make a solid-colored curtain for your craft booth.

Anthropologie Smoldering Hues Curtain

Pretty Patchwork DIY Curtains: if you sell sewing merchandise or quilts, then this is the PERFECT curtain tutorial. You can make a fun and funky curtain for the ultimate show-stopper!

Pretty Patchwork DIY Curtains

DIY Ruffle Curtains: this tutorial offers up a different tutorial for a ruffled curtain. It’s ultra feminine and beautiful to look at!

DIY Ruffle Curtains

No-Sew Painted Curtains: if you aren’t a sewer, then fear not! This is a great no-sew project that even shows you how to paint your own curtain. Get creative with design and colors because a lack of sewing skills doesn’t have to hold you back!

No-Sew Painted Curtains

White Vellum Paper Flower Garland: if a fabric curtain really isn’t your taste, then try this gorgeous flower garland tutorial. Simply make a bunch of these garlands and string them up vertically for a “curtain effect”. It’s extra pretty and unique.

White Vellum Paper Flower Garland

Comment below and let us know, how do you use curtains in your craft booth?

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