Ebay Has Begun Editing Seller Listings for “Brand Name Misuse”

ebay's brand name misuse policy

Instead of removing seller listings for brand name misuse (in other words, keyword spamming) eBay has resorted to editing listings, observers have reported.

Previously, eBay simply removed listings that violated its policy and would send out an email to the seller notifying them of the same. However, editing a seller’s listings to fit its policy has been unheard of up until now.

The eCommerce giant has a problem with sellers who use other brand names, product names or pop culture terms that have nothing to do with their products. This applies even in cases where sellers are trying to add clarification to their listings. When another user reports a listing for violating the company’s policy then eBay may remove the listing and send a notice to the seller.

This discussion on eBay’s community page clearly explains the treatment and repercussions that eBay sellers usually receive for “brand name misuse.”

However, a couple of emails featured in an AuctionBytes post seem to confirm that eBay’s brand name misuse policy is changing. One seller in particular said he received an email from eBay which stated in part, “We’re reaching out to you because one or more of your listings didn’t follow our guidelines. Because you’re a valued member of our community, your listing was edited so that it now meets our guidelines. It’s still live on our site. You can find a list of what was edited further down in this email.”

eBay holds its sellers responsible for the content and accuracy of their listings and, at some point in the past year or so, it added the following provision to the User Agreement: “Content that violates any of eBay’s policies may be deleted at eBay’s discretion.”

Editing of seller’s listings wasn’t part of the added provisions, but it seems like it is eBay’s new way of doing things.

As a retailer, would you rather have eBay edit your listings to bring them into compliance instead of taking them down?

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