Smart thermostat for idling truckers

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When parking up for the night, truck drivers often keep the engine running to keep the cabin warm while they sleep. But this habit is wasteful of fuel and damaging to the environment, plus it can result in uncomfortable early-morning dehydration — as anyone who has accidentally left their heating on all night can testify. Now, Idle Smart is a heating control system, similar to Nest, that enables truck drivers to program the heat to come on only when the temperature falls below a set number.


Idle Smart is comprised of a smart thermostat and Android app, which can be controlled by the driver or remotely by the fleet manager. To begin, the user launches the app and selects their desired temperature. Then, while they sleep, if the temperature dips below it, the system will automatically start the engine and keep it running until the cabin is back in the desired warmth range. Similarly, if the battery voltage gets low — as often happens when drivers run their electronics off of them — Idle Smart will automatically run the engine, avoiding expensive battery replacements.

Idle Smart costs USD 45-90 a month per truck, but can save companies up to USD 3,000 per year and significantly decrease pollution during idling. Fleet managers can access various diagnostics, to keep track of each truck’s usage and savings. Could other smart household tools be adapted for use on the road?


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