Misconceptions hold back would-be apprentices

Misconceptions hold back would-be apprenticesWorries about pay and fears about committing to a career for life are stopping young people from taking up apprenticeships according to a new study.

Positive Outcomes, a Government-funded apprenticeships provider, questioned 227 young adults aged between 16 and 24, ahead of 2016 Apprenticeship Week.

The survey asked young adults why they are put off by the idea of doing an apprenticeship. It found that 22% fear that an apprenticeship sets them on a career path that they have to stick with for life.

In addition, 88% said wages were too low, 41% were concerned that apprenticeships aren't seen as a proper job and 30% assumed they'd earn more after going to university than through doing an apprenticeship.

Kelly Ball, joint managing director of Positive Outcomes, said: "The fact one in five thinks doing an apprenticeship pigeon holes you for life is a worrying point. This couldn't be further from the truth. Apprenticeships provide you with fantastic transferable skills and unparalleled business experience."

The research also suggests that there is still a "stigma of poor wages" attached to apprenticeships, said Ball. "It's clear that stigma is still firmly in place. People need to realise though that in 2016, this simply isn't the case. You'll often find employers are willing to pay more in a competitive marketplace.

"It's also important to bear in mind there are no associated costs with an apprenticeship - you are literally paid to learn, so elements such as university tuition fees aren't a factor. Competition for graduate jobs is fierce, but apprentices have invaluable practical experience which simply can't be replicated in any other learning environment."

Ball added: "A big element holding apprenticeships back from becoming the go-to educational career route is the misconceptions that surround them. Apprenticeships are a proper job. Those on apprenticeship schemes are treated in the same manner as any other employee and, in our experience, the vast majority end up with permanent employment at the end of their apprenticeship."

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