Simple program helps users build code using natural language

While most organizations now come with a team of developers as standard, for the entrepreneur that is just starting out, learning how to code takes up time and effort that could be better spent growing a business or selling a product.

This is why has created software that allows anyone to turn ideas into code. listens to the user’s natural language and converts their instructions into lines of code, without the user needing to understand the first thing about programming.’s software builder, alpha, helps users create their code. It operates through a chat-like interface, with users messaging instructions to the builder that then converts them into code. Alpha is based on Google Material Design. It allows users to simply drag and drop commands to create their code.

The video shows alpha in action, and demonstrates that while it’s not necessary to know programming languages to use alpha, a degree of knowledge as to how programmes are built is going to be preferable.

It also allows designers to add information from excel into their program, and features a range of themes that can make the application ready for mobile viewing and use.

Free demos of the are currently available on request. How else can developers make code more accessible to businesses and aspiring programmers?


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