Million Dollar Interview with Darin Kidd

In this week’s Million Dollar Interview, Eric Worre sits down with Darin Kidd and finds out what catapulted Darin from being a desperate, broke and depressed young father of 3, to the successful leader and 7 figure salary earner he is today.

Darin’s story is not unlike many people who grow up in a country rural area, however how he chose to rise above those circumstances and seek out the vision he had for his life and family is unique. As Darin tells us, he did brief time in college, but kind of bounced around with want he wanted to do with his life clear up into his mid-20s. Darin didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do for a career and living, but he knew he wasn’t a fan of having an employer who dictated his salary, time and freedom. Although he wasn’t particularly educated or trained he found some minor success in sales and started building a house for his family. However, the contractor fell through and the house didn’t get built and it was during this time Darin found himself broke, bankrupt, and depressed.

There are also defining moments in people’s lives that force them to take action, and Darin shares of this time as being one of his most emotional defining moments. Him and his wife were totally broke and bankrupt, and they needed money for food so they took money out of his daughter’s piggy bank that she had been saving for Disney World. He remembers clearly of being on his hands and knees on the floor counting out change and his daughter coming in the room seeing him taking money out of the piggy bank. She ran from the room crying because mommy and daddy were taking her Disney World money. Darin remembers clearly the low despondent, pathetic feeling he felt at that moment, and it was a defining point for him to make a change.

So rather than wallow in self-pity, Darin stood tall and accepted the bad time in front of him, and decided that he was “tired of being sick and tired” and he started to grow and go down on a new path…

Darin had attempted Network Marketing previously, but he wasn’t successful at it, didn’t understand how to work the business, and Network Marketing had left a bad taste in his mouth. But this time, Darin was desperate and hungry, so he opened his mind to the possibilities that Network Marketing provided. He started listening to speakers on audio cassette, and building his mind much like he would build his body at the gym. He kept his mind focused on the positive, and distanced himself from naysayers and negative people who questioned his vision.

To quote Darin on his journey: “I look back now and go, man, it was really the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s not the easy times that make us grow. We don’t grow in easy times. So when you have a choice to use them as a stumbling block or a building block, and to use them to make us bitter or better.”

Today Darin is on the verge of being a million dollar a year earner, and he shares with us his 3 points for success:

1. You have to be coachable. You have to listen.
2. You have to be willing to work. This is not a get rich quick business
3. And the key thing that drove him was Desire. Don’t just say I want to make $XXX a month, attach an emotional trigger to it as to why you want to make money.

In conclusion, Darin leaves us with this advice, “my encouragement to you is, stay positive, stay strong. It is an emotional roller coaster, but you can do it. I promise you, you can.”

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