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For centuries, people have used storytelling as a deeply human way of understanding abstract facts, figures and events. Taking the messages we want to convey and weaving them into narratives
makes them more meaningful and gives the listener a greater understanding of what we are trying to say.

During NATSO’s Day on the Hill event in Washington, D.C., in May, truckstop and travel plaza owners, operators and employees met with lawmakers to tell them the stories that will help bring our industry to life and increase their understanding of what we do.

Convening on Capitol Hill is a powerful way to spread our message, but it is something that we don’t have to limit to one day. We should always be willing to pick up the phone, drop a line or invite a Member of Congress to our locations so we can both show and tell them who we are and what we do.

As leaders within our businesses and those who are on the front lines of our industry, we are well positioned to speak about our employees, the taxes we pay and the services we provide. We give a
real-world view of how the decisions Members of Congress make affect our communities and our ability to maintain and grow our operations.

Our voice, collectively, resonates. NATSO staff makes it a simple process to come to Washington, and they can also help facilitate Congressional visits to your location, putting Members of Congress in direct contact with you, your staff and your community. We can also take our stories public, and NATSO
can work with you to draft opinion pieces for your local publications.

I encourage you to be an advocate for things not only in your state but across the country. When you as a constituent go into an office, make a phone call or write an email, you can make a difference. Sharing your first-hand experience will help lawmakers gain a greater appreciation for our industry and give them a true picture of what truckstops and travel plazas are and the invaluable services we provide. Please make time to share your story, get to know your elected officials and, most importantly, help them get to know you.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Chairman. Please contact me or any NATSO staff member should you have a question or concern.

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