Truckstop Travels: Clearwater Petro Speaks to All the Senses


Wendy Johnson, vice president of operations for Clearwater Travel Plaza, and her team operate one fantastic travel center!

The independent Petro franchise location, which is located northwest of Minneapolis and is owned by Joel Nelson, is filled with the traditional travel center amenities and products.

Even better, this location also indulges all the senses. Your ears, your eyes and your sense of smell are treated to a smorgasbord of delights. My favorites are the hand-crafted sandwiches, the amazingly tasty homemade breads of many fanciful flavors and the exceptional bakery products.  





But it is the way the location embraces the seasons and the local surroundings as part of the marketing strategy that set this location apart from so many other well executed and operated travel centers throughout the USA.

While many locations understand the importance of seasonal marketing and do a rather good job of it, seeing Clearwater in action is special.





Fall is a particularly appealing time to visit the location.

From the minute you approach the location, your eyes feast on giant pumpkins placed out in front inviting you inwards. The scenic decor coupled with the smell of fresh pumpkin pastries and the like add to the experience, plus your ears are treated to the sounds of laughter and joy.

All of this together makes for an exceptional visit.




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Photo Credit: Darren Schulte/NATSO

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