Your transaction counter is one of the most important touch points that you have in your operation.

It is frequently the first and last thing your customers see upon entering and leaving your operation. It is valuable and every single truckstop and travel plaza should treat it as premium space.

Here are seven thoughts to consider when choosing what to put in that space:

  1. What are you trying to convey to customers when choosing items for the transaction counter?
  2. Think about the product mix on and around the transaction coun­ter. Is it the right mix?
  3. Most transaction counters have candy placed on them. Con­sider focusing on large bars vs. small bars on the counter so that the customer cannot make a trade down.
  4. High-margin items with a solid gross margin return-on-investment should be a driving force in decid­ing what products are placed on and around the transaction coun­ter. How does yours compare?
  5. Be wary of too much product. It sends the wrong message to your customers. Trying to use every available open space can create clutter and customer con­fusion. Are there items you can clear from your space that would make it more effective?
  6. Are there products placed on/ around the counter that hold an interest to the four-wheel cus­tomer but are out of sight lines? An example is a universal USB 12-volt plug-in adapter.
  7. Members often ask me ‘What is the maximum number of pro­grams/products a transaction counter should have?’ I’d recom­mend no more than six programs. Here is a sample product mix I’d recommend: lighter program, uni­versal USB 2 SKU on two-tiered display, 5-Hour Energy Drink, four SKU on two-tiered display, fresh fruit in basket (preferably oranges, green apples or banan­as), e-cig and vapor, and large candy bar or multi-pack gum for suggestive selling. 

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