Why This Company Dug a Giant Hole on Black Friday (Watch)

Businesses can use publicity stunts for a variety of different purposes, from raising awareness about a cause or issue to promoting a new product. But one company recently launched a publicity stunt aimed at accomplishing something totally different — digging a big hole.

Cards Against Humanity is the company behind the giant hole. The company makes what it calls “a party game for horrible people.” It launched a website dedicated to the hole where people could contribute money to keep the digging going. It went on from Black Friday until Sunday afternoon thanks to over $100,000 in donations.

Other than getting some attention for the brand, this project didn’t really accomplish anything. And it’s not the first time that Cards Against Humanity has raised money for something pointless. Last year, the company asked customers to pay $5 for absolutely nothing. And the company raised over $71,000, which team members took for themselves, with a little bit of charitable donations thrown in.

If you’re wondering why the company decided to dig a hole instead of raising money for charity, you’re not alone. But the company already responded, “Why aren’t YOU giving all this money to charity? It’s your money.”

Know Your Audience

You might not agree with the idea or message behind this stunt. But since it’s a party game for horrible people, you can’t accuse Cards Against Humanity of not understanding their target audience. When you know your audience, effective marketing can’t be far behind.

Image: HolidayHole.com

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