Business Blogging Part 2: What to Write About on Your Craft Business Blog

So you want to start your own business blog- great! If you love writing and have advice to share this can drastically increase your exposure and site traffic while helping others. Whether it’s a part of your website or a stand alone blog, be sure to offer a unique perspective on various topics to keep your readers engaged. Here are my top tips for what to focus on for your blog. These pointers are geared towards handmade-type companies, but anyone can benefit from this info if you want to start blogging about small business!

Your Experiences

Nothing comes across as more valuable and relatable than writing about your experiences in business. Whether you have been making pottery for years and selling it at craft fairs, run your own retail boutique, or are a fine artist, always go with what you know. It sounds simple but this will make for the most enjoyable blog for both you and your readers. For example, my posts for this blog (as a contributor) focus on my most comfortable topics and are based on past experiences. This ranges from selling online (which I’ve done for years now) to selling wholesale to doing craft shows (I’ve participated in many). Write about what you have experienced while running your business and give readers specific examples of situations you’ve faced.

Your Successes

Readers love to hear about your successes! Sometimes it feels awkward to talk up the good things that have happened to your business, but don’t be shy- especially on your craft tips blog. This is the place to describe your positive outcomes and give some hints for how you made them happen. You don’t have to give away your most guarded trade secrets, but definitely write about how you’ve made money and gotten recognition for your work.

Your Failures

Taking about your failures is the not-so-fun part of telling the story of your business. But without this your blog’s advice won’t seem as authentic. People starting out in business want to be inspired by others who have had failures but rebounded to have big successes. You can write posts about which decisions worked out for you and which did not. Your blog can also be a place to vent about the stresses of owning a small craft business. Just be sure to balance out the negative with encouraging, positive hints and tips.

What other tips do you have for starting a business blog?

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