Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

As NATSO members, we all benefit from the dedicated and talented staff who work every day on our behalf. One of the most rewarding parts of my role on the board is the opportunity to work closely with staff members and get to know them on a much more personal level. I have constantly been impressed by their dedication, and I am grateful for their commitment.

While we see the results of the work NATSO’s staff does—an incredible annual show, progress on Capitol Hill and amazing learning opportunities—so much of the work DON QUINN staff puts in is done quietly. I have never seen a member of staff seeking out the spotCHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD light, but as we kick off the new year, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to NATSO’s dedicated team so you can see who is fighting to protect our industry and create the learning opportunities we all enjoy.

LisaMullings100by138.jpgLISA MULLINGS, NATSO’s president and CEO, has been with NATSO since 1995. She serves as the chief executive for both NATSO and the NATSO Foundation.

TarynBriceRowland110by138.jpgAs the resident expert in databases and technology, TARYN BRICE-ROWLAND, NATSO’s director of database and technology, makes NATSO’s data, mobile and e-business technologies work for NATSO’s members and staff.

Sharonforwebsite.jpgSHARON BUTLER manages the operations of the NATSO main office. She helps staff members achieve their goals by ensuring that they have the necessary office systems and equipment. 

RogerCole12.jpgROGER COLE edits NATSO’s Biz Brief, the association’s daily e-newsletter created to provide readers with business intelligence tailored specifically for truckstop and travel plaza owners and operators. He also served as NATSO’s chairman in 2004 and 2005 and has spent five decades as a truckstop owner and operator. 

DavidFialkov250.jpgDAVID FIALKOV, NATSO’s vice president of government relations and the legislative and regulatory counsel, advocates for NATSO members on legislative and regulatory issues in Washington and provides education on legal issues affecting the industry.

PamelaHayes2014web.jpgAs the vice president of business development, PAMELA HAYES develops strategic partnerships that create value for members and serves as the staff lead on meetings and events, including The NATSO Show. She directs recruitment and retention of allied members through valuable service offerings and supports the NATSO Foundation in fundraising and event planning.

KimberlyRobertslowres.jpgKIMBERLY ROBERTS, manager of travel plaza member services, provides customer service and support to travel plaza and Check-Link™ customers. 

ChristineSchoessler100by139.jpgCHRISTINE SCHOESSLER, chief of operations, is responsible for ensuring successful operations and the growth of NATSO through strong fiscal management, volunteer and staff development, and leadership and oversight of day-to-day operations.

DarrenSchulteNATSO138.jpgAfter accumulating years of hands-on experience in the truckstop and travel plaza industry, DARREN SCHULTE joined NATSO and serves as the vice president of membership. He directs recruitment, retention and customer service to travel plaza members, and he is responsible for developing and enhancing NATSO products and services. He travels extensively and is always eager to visit with members and share his insights into the industry. 

AfuaforWeb2016.jpgAFUA SMITH, senior manager of operations, is responsible for promoting healthy cash management and financial stability by managing all aspects of the accounts receivable process, ensuring that it is a positive component of the association’s overall retention and recruitment program. She also promotes a positive corporate image and creates a good customer service experience for members by overseeing the NATSO Foundation’s Bill Moon Scholarship Program.

SusanTaylor.jpgSUSAN TAYLOR, allied relations manager, provides customer support and service to allied members and is a key support person for The NATSO Show.

AmyToner138.jpgAs the vice president of publishing and digital content, AMY TONER serves as the editor of Stop Watch and markets NATSO products, services and meetings. She manages NATSO’s core websites, blog and YouTube channel. In addition, she provides creative services across all departments.

TiffanyWlazlowski100by138.jpgTIFFANY WLAZLOWSKI NEUMAN, vice president of public affairs, develops and executes communications strategies to advance NATSO’s public relations and advocacy goals. She also develops and oversees partnerships related to the NATSO Foundation’s public outreach initiatives.

The NATSO team has a wealth of knowledge and experience that benefits us both in our individual businesses and as an industry. I know each staff member is ready and willing to serve as a resource for us, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you ever need assistance or simply to say thank you for a job well done. 

Best regards,


Don Quinn

Sapp Bros. Travel Centers Inc.

NATSO 2017 Chairman

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