Where: White’s Travel Center


White’s Petro Stopping Center in Raphine, Virginia, has its own currency—Bobby Bucks.

Bobby Bucks are employee rewards that are printed to look like a dollar. “I especially like that the picture of me on them is an old one,” joked Bobby Berkstresser, owner of White’s.

An employee can earn a Bobby Bucks when a customer satisfaction card comes in with an extraordinary comment about an employee on it or if the manager sees them do something especially great. “They are meant to acknowledge when our employees have gone above and beyond,” Berkstresser explained.

They are also given out as awards when a department hits a noteworthy goal. Managers are given Bobby Bucks to give out at their discretion. They can be used anywhere in the travel plaza.

Where: Dodge  City Petro


Being a new employee can always feel overwhelming, but that is particularly true at truckstops and travel plazas where there are a number of profit centers as well as customers who may be in a rush and impatient.


“In our business, you might have a driver who isn’t in the best mood asking a travel store cashier if we work on turbos in the service center,” said Keith Wade, operations director at Dodge City Petro.

To help take some of the stress off of new cashiers and set customers’ expectations, Wade has new hires wear big yellow buttons that say, “Be patient. I am in training.” Wade said he has found the buttons encourage customers to be understanding if the cashier is moving a little slow or needs to seek out the answer to a question.


Miller Oil Co.


During lunch on Wednesdays at the truckstops of Miller Oil Co. in Norfolk, Virgina, customers are treated to the unusual luxury of having their fuel pumped.

From 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., staff don their bright We Pump Wednesday t-shirts and pump fuel for professional drivers and four-wheelers.

This is a creative way of showing their customers their appreciation by offering extra customer service without having to staff fuel jockeys every day. It is also a good way to keep folks to stop in for gas during the week. 

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