One –on-One with NATSO Staff: Which Items In The New UST Regulations Will Be Most Expensive For My Truckstop?

The new Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) revised Underground Storage Tank Regulations rules have left several truckstop and travel plaza operators wondering which items in the new UST regulations will be most expensive.

The answer is, it depends. There are several factors that will affect the final cost of compliance for operators, such as what type of equipment they have installed, what the status of their state regulations are, etc., but at a high level, these are the major takeaways from the final rule that equipment owners should be aware of:


Secondary Containment.Of interest to operators is that new and replaced tanks and piping must be secondarily contained with interstitial monitoring systems, and new dispenser systems must be equipped with under-dispenser containment. The rule also includes secondary containment testing requirements.


 Walkthrough Inspections. As part of the operation and maintenance inspection requirements, the final rule requires periodic walkthrough inspections to detect releases. For example, operators must check spill preventing equipment and fill caps every 30 days and containment sumps annually. The rule also includes additional requirements for periodic spill, overfill and secondary containment monitoring.


Spill Containment Testing. Spill prevention equipment must be tested every three years.


Overfill Containment Inspections.Ball float valves in vent lines have been eliminated as an option for satisfying overfill prevention requirements for new/replaced flow restrictors.


Operator Training. The rule requires owners/operators to designate at least one individual for each of three “classes” of operators, and those operators must be trained in certain areas.


One of NATSO’s primary roles is to deliver solutions to members’ challenges. Each day members tap into the expertise of NATSO’s staff for answers to some of their most pressing questions. If you have questions on the rule, be sure to reach out to me at or (703) 739-8501.

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