Where: Anew Travel Center, Zeeland, Michigan Great Idea: Dedicated Pump for Rv Traffic

Anew Travel Center, which is located in Zeeland, Michigan, is a family-ownedand-operated company with more than 65 years in the transportation industry. The Meeuwsen family decided to build their truckstop in 2013 to offer renewable energy sources, including ethanol and biodiesel blends, to end consumers.

                 After noticing that at other stations large recreational vehicles (RV) and trucks pulling trailers had a dif- ficult time getting in and out of the pumps to fuel, they decided to add an innovative feature of a dedicated pump for RV traffic.

                In an effort to make their pumps easily accessible and convenient for the customers, they placed the RV pump in a location that did not require any sharp turns and was a straight pull through.

                The truckstop is located near a lake where a lot of travelers drive RVs, pull boats and tow campers. Once the word spread that they had an easily accessible pump, it drew travelers on their way to the campsite at the lake. It has been a great success and RVers all agree it is a huge advantage to be able to easily pull in and out of the station.

                The pump offers regular gasoline (E10), as well as E15, E30 and E85. This allows their customers to choose how much ethanol that want to put in their vehicles and RVs.

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