Where: White Petro Stopping Center


 In the fall of 2015 White’s Petro Stopping Center in Raphine, Virginia, added a number of new amenities including a pharmacy. Owner Bobby Berkstresser first began thinking about adding the pharmacy when they added a doctors’ clinic in 2012. The truckstop is in a rural area and so is about 15 minutes away from the closest pharmacy. This year with the clinic seeing as many as 70–80 patients a day and of course giving many of those patients prescriptions, he felt it was time to pursue his idea. Their first step was to do a demographic study, which found that a pharmacy at their location could be profitable with local traffic alone. Their pharmacy is a franchise through Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy. Medicine Shoppe provides them with support for everything from choosing their computer system to filling out the monthly state reports. It is a 30- day process before you can really begin filling prescriptions. In addition to being open 30 days, the pharmacy has to have a DEA number and state license, then you can sign contracts with each healthcare company.

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