Habits of a Strong Leader

Sir Richard Branson discusses some of the habits that make a strong leader. He says that the most important attribute of a good leader is that they listen well.
Good leaders already know what they think, and so there is no point in spouting what they think to their team. Instead, you need to learn from your team and your customers. Listen. Meet with your staff and customers, and write things down. Sometimes, it’s just tiny little things. But it’s those tiny little things that can make an exceptional company over an average company. When you listen, you can get little details right, and so your customers will be happy. If customers are happy, then the staff is happy, and everybody is just happy. So, listening is key.
Another important attribute of a good leader is their work ethic. Your reputation is all you have in life. Your brand is your company’s name and your own name. So, you must conduct your life in a way that you’re not going to damage your brand. Running your company in an ethical way is critical. You have to think “If I read about this in the paper tomorrow, would I feel comfortable?” If you wouldn’t feel comfortable with it, then you most definitely shouldn’t do it.

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