This Huge Wind Farm Represents Progress for Renewable Energy (Watch)

New York state just approved the construction of the largest offshore wind farm in the country. The 90-megawatt farm will be home to 15 wind turbines, which are capable of powering about 50,000 average homes.

The farm is being built about 30 miles east of the Long Island coast, so it won’t be visible from the shoreline. And the construction is actually going to be a bit cheaper than expected too. Farm developers estimate that it will cost about $740 million, which is less than the originally-quoted $1 billion.

That’s clearly still a huge sum of money. But New York residents won’t be responsible for footing the bill. And while the wind farm will mainly be used for powering residential properties and not specific businesses, it still represents a big step forward in the push for more renewable energy.

Renewable Energy For Small Business Use

Use of wind and other renewable energy sources can include a major upfront investment. But the businesses, residents and government entities that use them can also gain some long-term cost savings and sustainability benefits.

It’s not necessarily a doable goal for every small business at this point. But progress in any area of renewable energy makes it more and more of a possibility with each passing day.

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