GREAT IDEAS IN ACTION: Eclectic Buffet, L.G. Truckers City dba TA Wapakoneta

After concluding that drivers are tired of eating the same foods everywhere, L.G. Truckers City dba TA Wapakoneta in Wapakoneta, Ohio, started putting unusual meat products on its buffet. Items include duck in orange sauce, lamb, frog legs and pastisio, which is a Greek lasagna.

“When my prep cook suggested frog legs, I thought he was crazy. Well, we cannot keep them when we put them out,” said owner Tom Panos. As drivers eat out every meal, this departure from the norm has received a warm welcome. Panos said, “Drivers have absolutely loved it!”

While these meats can have a higher food cost, Panos has concluded that it is worth it. “As far as food cost, my logic is that while it may be a bit higher for these proteins, the food cost of a food item that does not sell is 100 percent,” he said. ­­­

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