Littlefield Express in Ft. Smith, Arkan­sas, is a perfect example of just how powerful signage can be both inside and out. The location has mastered messaging with its outside signage set­ting the stage for what customers can expect and drawing them inside. Most importantly, it fulfills the promise once customers walk through the door.

From the minute I pulled into the lo­cation, I knew exactly where to go and what would be waiting for me inside. The messaging is consistent throughout the location, and the out­door signage—both on the fuel price signs and the windows—promotes the inside offerings, particularly its food program. Before I even got out of my car I knew the location had chicken and burgers available.

Inside the store, the signs on the lo­cation’s chicken offerings are color­ful and attractive, and Littlefield Ex­press uses them to draw attention to its products. The ‘locals favorite’ section on its menu board not only highlights top sellers, but also sends the message that the location is pop­ular among repeat visitors.

Other areas of the store, including the fountain and coffee offerings, are well marked, making it easy to find what you are looking for. In ad­dition to the hot food offerings, the location has a wide variety of snacks available. The store is clean and or­ganized, giving you plenty of room to see the products and move from one area to another.

Not only do the signs at Littlefield Ex­press convey its message, they build trust. They tell you exactly what you’re going to get and where to go to find it. There are no surprises, and that mat­ters to first-time guests and repeat customers alike.

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