French business relishes the prospect of President Macron

THE likely election of Emmanuel Macron as France’s president, in a run-off vote on May 7th, has corporate leaders in a state of high anticipation. French politicians with business experience rarely prosper. It is nearly half a century since Georges Pompidou won office in 1969 on the back of a private-sector career partly at Rothschild, an investment bank. The sitting president, François Hollande, roused voters in 2012 by declaring that his “true enemy” was the world of finance. Mr Macron’s own stint at Rothschild, advising on mergers from 2008 to 2012, included handling a $12bn acquisition of a unit of Pfizer, a pharma firm, by Nestlé, a consumer-goods giant.

Markets rose and bond yields fell after Mr Macron won the first round on April 23rd. His second-round opponent, Marine Le Pen of the far right, dismays business—one investor admits re-registering his firm as European rather than French, the better to shift headquarters were she to win. But Mr Macron is favourite.

A chief of a big firm headquartered in Paris speaks of new optimism for France’s economy if Mr Macron wins. Business indicators are improving; measures of corporate confidence in...

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