Signage Draws Customers in at Coffee Cup Fuel Stop in Summit

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People traveling down the road often make decisions on where to stop in the spur of the moment or at the last minute, so it is important to let them know who you are and what are you are offering. Coffee Cup Fuel Stop in Summit, South Dakota, does just that and has plenty of signage both inside and out to attract and direct its customers.

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When you walk into the store, there is a food court on the left, featuring Pizza Hut, Subway and Caribou, and the signage lets customers know what is happening. I’m a big believer in making sure your customers understand what your specials are and what you’re focusing on, which Coffee Cup does with its use of messaging boards and digital menu boards.  

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To the right of the entrance is Coffee Cup’s hot food program that features hot dogs, tornadoes and sandwiches. This is a perfect example of an operator who understands there are different types of customers and they all have different needs. Coffee Cup isn’t frightened to sell food that some people say may cannibalize their sales. When you offer multiple food programs, there is some portion of your business that gets cannibalized, but never at a percentage that is high enough to hurt your overall sales. 

Coffee Cup Summit Cool Down.jpg

I really like the signage over the coolers, ‘Cooldown.’ It is specific enough to let customers know where to find drinks but general enough that you can move product around without being locked into signs such as beer, soda or juice. 

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This is a good looking store that is easy to shop and takes advantage of clear and simple messaging throughout. It makes customers comfortable and ensures they can find what they are looking for quickly. 

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Photo Credit: Darren Schulte/NATSO

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