This Guy Created a Business Selling Memes — Can You?

This Guy Created a Business Selling Memes -- Can You?

If you’ve spent any time online in the past few years, you’ve probably gotten a good laugh or two from memes. But did you know that it’s possible to actually build an entire business around these humorous images?

Selling Memes

That’s exactly what @ka5sh does. The meme-maker works with brands to create memes for promotional and viral marketing purposes. And it’s a path that more and more entrepreneurs are discovering as a viable business opportunity.

For those interested in doing something similar, it’s not as easy as creating a couple of funny images and heading straight to the bank. You need to build up a following and then actually market your services. But the good news is you don’t need any expensive equipment or overhead to make it work. @ka5sh says he works almost exclusively on his phone.

As with many other businesses, the best way to get started with meme making is just to do it. Make some social media accounts and broadcast your images to followers. Eventually, you can start approaching brands that you think might benefit from some meme-related attention and form working relationships. Eventually, you might even have brands start approaching you for your services, just like @ka5sh has been able to do.

Image: @ka5sh/Twitter

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