Building a Small Business with Your Creativity? 24 Places to Sell Art Online

Where to Sell Art Online

The small art trade is on the rise with online art sales significantly increasing. The Hiscox Online Art Trade Report 2015, found the value of the online art market rose from $1.57 billion in 2013 to around $2.64 billion in 2014.

Where to Sell Art Online

So, where can artists sell their work online? Here are 24 places independent artists can sell their artwork on the internet.


Where to Sell Art Online - Vango

Artists can apply to sell their artwork, such as paintings and drawings, on Vango and keep 70% of the sale price. There’s no contracts required with Vango. Shipping is made easy, as once a piece is sold the site emails the artist a pre-paid shipping label.


Where to Sell Art Online - ArtFire

Artists can open a shop on ArtFire within minutes. Vintage items, handmade goods and craft supplies can be sold on Artfire. The site has different plans in which artists can list items for just a few cents each or stock a shop with thousands of items and make bigger savings.


Where to Sell Art Online - Minted

Minted allows artists to submit their artwork and use the site as a testing ground for new ideas. People then comment and vote on submissions. Winning designs are sold on Minted and the artists receive a portion of the sale. Winners also earn a Store on the site where they can launch and sell designs.

Prophetics Gallery

Where to Sell Art Online - Prophetics Gallery

This site celebrates Prophetic and Christian fine art. It has over 70 Christian and Prophetic artists listed on the site from 13 different countries, including the USA. Artists sell originals on the Prophetics Gallery, which takes 50% of the sales price.

Our West Virginia

Where to Sell Art Online - Our West Virginia

Our West Virginia is unique as it celebrates Appalachian artists. Artisans that catch the spirit of Appalachia can sell items on Our West Virginia. The site takes a 7% commission off the sale price.


Where to Sell Art Online - ArtPal

Paintings and prints, photography, drawings and illustration, digital art, sculptures and carvings and more can be sold on ArtPal. Artists don’t have to pay a membership fee and receive 95% – 100% when they sell their art.

Deviant Art

Where to Sell Art Online - Deviant Art

There are over 353 million unique pieces of art listed on Deviant Art. Artists can exhibit, promote and share their art with art enthusiasts and fellow artists. Artists signed up to the site can sell prints and digital downloads of their work.


Where to Sell Art Online - AbsoluteArts

Paintings, sculpture and photographs can be listed and sold on AbsoluteArts. The site offers various ways for artists to promote their work. They also have a choice of paying 35% in commission at a free level, or 20 – 25% at a paid level, plus a 5% fee.


Where to Sell Art Online - Direct2Artist

Direct2Artist is a platform that supports independent artists and provides them with a place to bring their artwork out of the studio and into the public domain. Charges on Direct2Artist range from being free to $49 a month.

Riot Art

Where to Sell Art Online - Riot Art

Riot Art describes itself as being for the “next generation collector.” Emerging artists can list original artwork on the site. Riot Art doesn’t charge a listing fee but takes 35% in commission.


Where to Sell Art Online - SculptSite

If you’re a sculpture, you may want to think about using SculptSite to sell your creations. This sculpture-only site allows buyers to purchase directly for the artist. A subscription of $0 – 99 per year is charged but no commission is taken when sculptures sell.


Where to Sell Art Online - NewBloodArt

NewBloodArt is specifically designed for ‘outstanding emerging artists’. Artists can sell originals on the site. Sellers set their prices themselves and NewBloodArt takes a commission.

Live Love Art

Where to Sell Art Online - Live Love Art

Live Love Art is a unique artisan marketplace, enabling artists to create their own commission-free art store. Artists can list an unlimited number of products for a monthly subscription fee that starts at $5.


Where to Sell Art Online - MadeUrban

Artists can list their artwork on MadeUrban, as well as creative services and events. The site does not charge listing fees or commission, making it an economical choice for artists to sell their work.


Where to Sell Art Online - Galleryfy

Artists can sell original art or reproductions on this gallery website. Users are promoted through Galleryfy’s gallery page and on social media. Artists do not pay a fee to sell their work but the site takes 25% in commission.

Best in American Made

Where to Sell Art Online - Best in American Made

Best in American Made is a curated online marketplace that connects artists with thousands of art dealers and stores. Artists pay $39 a month to upload up to 1000 images to the site. No fees or commission is charged by Best in American Made when artwork is sold.

Ideel Art

Where to Sell Art Online - Ideel Art

If you produce abstract art, Ideel Art might be the right site for you. The artists represented on Ideel Art are typically mid-career and already established. The site pays for the shipping costs of the artwork and takes a commission of the price.

Got Artwork

Where to Sell Art Online - Got Artwork

Artists can sell original work as well as reproductions on Got Artwork. Artists can list paintings, photography, drawings, digital art, sculpture and mixed media on Got Artwork. The site offers a range of monthly plans, from free to several hundred dollars.


Where to Sell Art Online - Zazzle

Artists, photographers and graphic designers can sell their work on Zazzle. This free marketplace allows artists to set their own royalty rates and sell their products. Artists simple upload their artwork to the site, a customer buys it, Zazzle processes the transaction, prints the art and ships it to the customer. Zazzle then sends the artist payment for a percentage of the sale.


Where to Sell Art Online - accessArt

Selling art online with accessArt is free until the artist sells anything. When a piece of artwork is sold, the site takes 15% in commission. Artists can set up a store and sell original and affordable paintings that are under $2500. Artwork can be shipped worldwide on accessArt.

Gallery Today

Where to Sell Art Online - Gallery Today

Gallery Today is a great site for artists to list their paintings and sell original artwork around the world. The site guarantees that each piece of art will arrive in perfect condition. Gallery Today takes a 30% commission on each sold piece.


Where to Sell Art Online - Yessy

Yessy allows artists to sell paintings and prints, sculptures and carvings, drawings and illustration, photography and more on its site. Simply upload artwork and an unlimited number of photos onto Yessy. The site charges a $59 annual fee, as well as 10% transaction fee for each sale.

The Sketching Shop

Where to Sell Art Online - The Sketching Shop

If you’re a great sketcher, you may want to sell your creations on The Sketching Shop. The artwork listed on the site must be hand-drawn. The Sketching Shop takes a 30% commission for each sketch sold.

My Best Canvas

Where to Sell Art Online - My Best Canvas

My Best Canvas is an online art gallery which specializes in selling original paintings signed by the artist. The site offers free worldwide shipping to customers. The site charges an annual fee of $50 to artists and no commission is taken when a painting sells.

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