Mexico switches on its government-run wholesale mobile network


JAWS dropped when earlier this year a White House memo argued that the American government should build and run its own 5G mobile network. The reason given was national security. The memo cited Huawei, a Chinese maker of telecoms gear, as a strategic threat. Many assailed the idea of such massive state intervention and the idea was quickly squashed. South of the border, Mexico is experimenting with something that could be a more sensible version of the American officials’ suggested venture: a wholesale mobile network.

Red Compartida (“shared network” in Spanish) went live on March 21st. The motive behind one of the world’s most ambitious telecommunications projects is not national security. Rather, Mexico is trying to pull off a triple feat of expanding mobile coverage, lowering prices and creating a viable business environment for 5G, the next generation of wireless mobile internet.

The project is a $7.2bn public-private partnership that is part of the country’s 2014 telecommunications...

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