BMW’s reputation in South Korea goes up in flames

Heated debate, too

DRIVING a plush BMW is an emblem of status among brand-conscious South Koreans. Lately, it has become a source of angst. After 40 of the German carmaker’s diesel models mysteriously burst into flames, car parks have turned them away, forcing desperate motorists to park illegally in the street. “BMW phobia” is trending on social media. Since it owned up to the defect in July, the company has recalled 106,000 vehicles in the country. In August the government banned several models from the roads. On August 30th the police raided BMW’s offices in Seoul, the capital.

South Korea is not the only country where BMW has had to recall the vehicles, which were built between 2011 and 2016, for having a faulty exhaust. In Europe it is replacing the defective part in more than 300,000 cars. Inexplicably, however, only cars in South Korea have caught fire. That goes some way to explaining why fury there has been fiercer, and the government response tougher, than...

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