SeePlus Manages Your Small Business’s Digital Files and Folders

SeePlus Helps You Manage a Growing Number of Digital Files and Folders

The need to organize, manage and preserve a vast number of invaluable digital assets is paramount for any business. And this is especially true for small businesses lacking the time or manpower to stay perfectly organized.

SeePlus — a professional asset management tool by ACD Systems — helps you take back control of your digital workflow by keeping track of your Microsoft Office documents, PDF files and a variety of media files. This platform allows you to manage your entire file collection from a centralized interface.

The platform allows you to create a streamlined system where you can use hierarchical keywords, ratings, dates and categories to designate your files’ place in your workflow. You can also easily search and find documents and photos using visual tags or customizable color labels.

In addition, you can access and even backup data to your Dropbox and OneDrive accounts without leaving the platform. What this also means is that you don’t have to sit through the slow process of importing files to the platform.

SeePlus also goes beyond the simplicity of file management, providing you with dynamic image processing features.  ‘Edit Mode’ allows you to apply precise adjustments and accentuate details to achieve the look you want. It also comes with some magic. You can, for instance, add borders, text, watermarks, special effects and more. The company says the Light EQ algorithm intelligently and accurately reduces highlights and lightens shadows, providing you with consistent HDR results.

The need to work with increasingly large data sets has made it necessary to implement a way to manage digital assets effectively. SeePlus, offers one option for small businesses  to keep its data organized, managed and protected.

You can try out the platform for 30 days and if you like it then purchase a lifetime license for less than $80.

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