American business and #MeToo

“I DIDN’T wait for a pay cheque. I didn’t tell anyone. I was scared, ashamed and just ran,” is how Daniela Contreras recalls sexual harassment—as she now knows to call it—by her employer when working as a nanny in her teens. Twenty years later she feels able to say “This happened to me”, and works with the National Domestic Workers Alliance in New York to ensure others can do so sooner. Over the past year she has seen a big increase in women phoning, almost daily, for legal advice. #MeToo catalysed this rise, she says. “The hashtag helped start the conversation by writing it, saying it and sharing it: ‘This happened to me.’”

It is almost a year since revelations emerged about the behaviour of Harvey Weinstein, a film-studio boss charged with multiple counts of rape and sexual assault. In response Alyssa Milano, an actor, invited anyone who had been harassed or assaulted to tweet #MeToo. The hashtag has since been shared over 15m times. Victims of harassment in workplaces of all sorts, from S...

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