What You Missed Last Month in Google

Welcome one, welcome all to November 1st -- and to another recap of the month's top Google news items.

What You Missed Last Month in Google

1. New Measures for User Data Control

Until recently, Google users would have to visit a separate account settings page to clear their search history. Now, the company says, that data can be accessed directly from the search page, via a hamburger menu that appears above the query bar.


Source: Google

After tapping on this menu option, users can view recent search activity, and choose what to delete -- their searches over the past hour, or all search activity. On this same page, users can also access privacy settings for voice search, as well as those pertaining to ad personalization.

Next year, Google says, these easy-to-access data controls will roll out to Maps and other Google products. Read more >>

2. "No Robocalls, Please"

Google made waves in May when it announced Duplex: its new Assistant that's (artificially) intelligent enough to make phone calls on a user's behalf to book appointments, make reservations, and more.

After some controversy, Google could be adding an option for business owners to indicate that they do not want to receive phone calls from Assistant. The alleged option was discovered by a search strategist who saw the option while creating a Google business listing for a client. Read more >>

3. Search Console Stats Take Center Stage

Several users have reported seeing Search Console statistics displayed directly within Google's search engine results page (SERP), according to SEO Roundtable.

These stats have appeared in a "brief dashboard" for certain users who are verified owners of a site that appears in the SERP. Read more >>

4. The Google+ Data Breach

In October, a bug discovered in March may have granted access to the private data of nearly half a million users of Google+: the search engine giant Google's social network, which since its 2011 inception was often the butt of jokes for being a largely unused attempt to copy Facebook. Here's what happened. Read more >>

5. How Marketers Can Take Advantage of Google Assistant's New Tools

Last month, Google gave its Assistant a "makeover." But did you know that it came with new tools for marketers? Here's a rundown of what they are, and how to make the most of them. Read more >>

6. Google Wants to Take Over Your Home (And the Rest of Your Life)

Google is standing at your front door, asking, "Can I come in?" But that might not be a bad thing. Here's how that came up at October's Made By Google event. Read more >>

7. New Rules for Gmail App Developers

Google announced last week that Gmail app developers will have to abide by a strict set of new rules -- in the name of user privacy. What can marketers learn from these changes, and how should they prepare? Read more >>

Until Next Month

As always, we're watching all things Google. We'll continue to pick out top news items, algorithm updates, and trends.

See you next month.

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