Russia has emerged as an agricultural powerhouse

Now yielding a bumper crop

THE DISTRICT of Zernograd, or Grainville, in Russia’s southern Rostov region has many hallmarks of a depressed post-Soviet backwater. Decaying villages dot dusty roads; grey apartment blocks fill sleepy cities. Yet thanks to its namesake crop, times for many here have never been better. Take Yuri and Aleksandr Peretyatko. When the brothers launched their grain farm in the early 1990s, “we didn’t even have bicycles,” says Aleksandr. Now they own 1,500 hectares and cruise around in new white Lexus SUVs. Their children, Aleksandr boasts, “ride Range Rovers”.

The Peretyatko brothers embody the optimism in Russian agriculture, a booming sector in an otherwise sluggish economy. Production has increased by more than 20% in the past five years, despite a broader recession and now stagnation. “That’s what’s called a breakthrough,” President Vladimir Putin gushed as he discussed the...

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