America unseals its indictment against Huawei

IN A CIVIL lawsuit in 2017 an employee of Huawei, a Chinese telecoms giant, was found to have swiped one of the arms of Tappy, a phone-testing robot owned by T-Mobile, an American wireless carrier, and with it the smart proprietary technology in its fingertip. A jury in Seattle ordered Huawei to pay compensation of $4.8m to T-Mobile. The court found, however, “neither damage, unjust enrichment nor wilful and malicious conduct by Huawei”.

This week the Chinese company reminded the world of that verdict in its public response to a sweeping set of fresh allegations against it by America’s Department of Justice. The charges include obstruction of justice—and technology theft, as Tappy becomes the subject of a new criminal case. Huawei was also accused of defrauding four big banks (one of which is known to be HSBC) into clearing transactions that violated international sanctions on Iran. This was why Canadian police arrested Meng Wanzhou, the company’s chief financial officer, on December 1st, on behalf of the American authorities. On January 28th they made a formal request for her extradition. Canada now has 30 days to respond.

Huawei said that it had not committed “any of the asserted violations” and repeated that it was “not aware of any wrongdoing by Ms Meng”. Among the charges unsealed thus far, Tappy is the only direct...

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