The two tribes of working life

PERHAPS THEY are two of the most welcome words in the English language: “Meeting cancelled”. When they cropped up in Bartleby’s message the other day, he experienced a brief moment of elation. In truth, the meeting turned out only to be postponed for two weeks, but procrastination is an underappreciated pleasure.

Workers, and possibly all people, can be divided into two groups. Those who like to be involved in everything and can be dubbed “FOMOs” because they suffer from a “fear of missing out”. And then there are those who would ideally want to be left to get on with their own particular work, without distraction—the “JOMOs” (joy of missing out).

When The Economist moved offices in London in 2017, the new building came with a set of meeting spaces. As was inevitable, there are a lot more meetings. It is hard to walk by these gatherings without wondering who these people are and what they are doing. (It mostly seems to involve them gazing earnestly at a projection of a computer screen). Never once has Bartleby, who was born under the sign of JOMO, wanted to join one of the groups.

Readers will instantly know their tribe. If the boss announces a new project, do you immediately volunteer, thinking this will be a great chance to prove your skills? If so, you are a FOMO. Or do you foresee the...

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