Working in an attractive environment is good for employees

LOOK OUT of the window of your workplace. Is the vista pleasing? Can you see trees and grassy areas, or barbed wire and rubbish bins? Do you enjoy leaving the building at lunchtime or would you rather stay chained to your desk?

A review of the academic literature* suggests that indoor work environments (in particular factors like light, noise and temperature) have an impact on employee productivity. WeWork’s business model is based on the idea that attractive offices, with common areas and leisure activities, will appeal to small businesses and freelance workers. If a positive office interior helps, it makes sense that a nice outdoor environment should boost morale too.

The ancient universities clearly believed in building quiet cloisters where academics would have the freedom to think. Big technology companies in California usually aim for a similar effect—and have the finances (plus the space) available to achieve it. Corporate campuses have also been adopted by their Indian counterparts, like Infosys in Bengaluru or Tata Consultancy Services in Chennai. But these projects tend to be built by giant multinationals who employ lots of workers on a single site, out of town with lots of parking space.

Those who work in a big city are typically resigned to being stuck in cramped conditions, surrounded by busy roads....

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