Instagram Explore Introduces Ads and Your Small Business Could Benefit

Instagram Explore Feed Ads - What Your Small Business Should Know

Today 80% of Instagram’s 1 billion users follow businesses on the platform.

So the popularity of Instagram as a  place to follow favorite brands continues to grow. And the photo and video-sharing social network announced recently a plan to put ads on its Explore Page.

More than 50% of Instagram account holders use Explore each month. And the Explore feature enables Instagram users to find photos and videos to match their interests. So they can locate new accounts to follow.

Over the next few months, Instagram will introduce ads in the Explore feed. Users looking at the Explore feed will begin to see ads as part of their browsing experience. And account holders will control the ads they see.

Instagram Explore Feed Ads

New ads on Instagram Explore present significant opportunities for your small business. Advertisers may reach new, targeted audiences. And consumers can discover specific products or services offered by a brand.

Using automatic placements with an easy-to-use opt-in feature, small businesses will be able to extend their Explore campaigns to reach news audiences.

In a press statement about the new Explore Ads feature, the Instagram Business Team explained how the ads could provide opportunity for business.

“As we continue to invest in Explore, we want it to be the best place for people to discover something new and for businesses to connect with people who might become meaningful customers,” said Instagram.

Instagram Explore was launched in 2012, two years following the arrival of Instagram.

The photo and video sharing site say they are introducing ads in Explore “slowly and thoughtfully,” meaning they are likely to be introduced gradually in forthcoming months.

With some 1 billion users now active on Instagram, 80% of which use the social media platform to follow brands and businesses, small businesses would be wise to tap into the wealth of marketing opportunities the new ads feature is likely to provide to help them reach out to and engage with new audiences and customers.

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