How to Productively Lead Your Team, from Musk, Bezos, and Other Founders [Infographic]

I think we can all agree: successful founders like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs are undeniably talented, innovative, and ambitious.

But there's something else they have in common, too -- they're all productive.

Good ideas, and the willpower to follow through on them, is one aspect of creating a successful business, but without the ability to avoid distractions, these founders likely wouldn't have been able to create such thriving companies.

To gather productivity tips and tricks from successful founders, analyzed interviews, biographies, and blogs and put together the following infographic.

If you're aiming to effectively drive results for your team in 2020 or ensure your ideas come into fruition, keep reading to learn how some of the world's most innovative leaders stayed on-track.

15-productivity-lessons-from-successful-founders-and-how-to-apply-them (1)

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