6 Ideas for Amazing Facebook Posts

It’s always hard to get the attention of people on Facebook. Even though you might have lots of followers they don’t always see your posts because facebook limits their exposure. So you need amazing posts that will generate lots of interest, likes and comments so more people will see them.

Here are my 6 ideas:

Ask for help

Present a problem and ask for people’s advice. People love to be involved and they love to be heard. This is a great opportunity for people to have a voice and you never know you might get some good ideas.

Run a contest

Everybody loves to win free stuff! Run a contest where people can win something. Have the people participating comment on something or do something in order to enter the contest. If you want them to spread the word tagging is a good way to go.

Do a Poll

This brings me back to the first tip: people like to be heard. Run a poll on a topic and then post the results.

Share post

Give your followers the opportunity to share a link to their page or website. Not only will that help them promote themselves and you but the exposure of all of you will grow.

Fan specials

Create posts for fans only. contests, discounts or giveaways that are only for your page fans. This will encourage people to like your page and you’ll increase your following.

Be personal

Write personal stories or post personal photos. People like to get to know you and relate to you on a personal level.

I hope you’ll try one of these ways or all of them!

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