The pandemic increases the challenges facing business schools

LOCKDOWN HAS delivered a nasty shock to academia, with universities around the world closing for the summer term, disrupting the plans of millions of students. Business schools are suffering along with the rest, but the shutdown has occurred when the sector is already facing a host of problems. A survey of the deans of American business schools by Eduvantis, a consultancy, found that almost all thought the pandemic would lead to permanent closures.

Bartleby contacted seven leading schools in America, Britain and France to see how they were coping with the crisis. Unsurprisingly, the immediate reaction has been to switch to teaching online. Many are putting a brave face on the issue. Christoph Loch, dean of the Judge school at Cambridge, says: “If we do this right, if we do it strategically, this is going to stay beyond covid.” Meanwhile the INSEAD school in France maintains that it is hard to imagine going back to a world where the successes from online learning will not be combined with person-to-person exchanges.

The pandemic also presents a teaching opportunity. The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania has launched a course called “Epidemics, Natural Disasters and Geopolitics: Managing Global Business and Financial Uncertainty”. The London Business School will shortly run a course on “The Economics of a...

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