3 Tips to succeed on ETSY

Etsy has become a huge market place and it’s becoming harder to get noticed and to atract potential customers to your shop.

Here are my top 3 Tips to succeed on ETSY

Use keywords

When you write your product title use the keywords in your title. This would be more search friendly not only on Etsy, but also on other social media networks and most importantly on Pinterest. This way your products will be more visible to more people. Use the keywords in the product description as well. Don’t be stingy with your description and use as many keywords as possible.

Promote on Social Media

Promote your products on social media but be smart about it. There are two levels of promotion. First it’s the direct approach when you post about your product and tell about it. For example you promote a set of lace ribbons that you sell and post about the properties of the lace and the price. The second way is the indirect approach. Don’t post about the lace your selling. Post about a project you did with lace, ideas to projects you can create with lace, tips for sewing lace etc. This way you’ll talk about your product to a larger base and in a way that is more appealing and ineteresting.

Great photos

Take good photos of the products you’re selling. People can’t touch the product they can only see it so you want to capture their attention. Make sure the photos are well lit and that the colors are showing. If you want to smooth them a little in Photoshop or other software don’t over do it. You don’t want the photo to look completely different from the real thing. I add a disclaimer stating that there might be slight differences between the photos and the real product.

I hope these tips will be helpful for you to promote your Etsy shop.

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