Increase Your Revenue Stream by Teaching Your Craft!

Teaching an artsy class is a rewarding and fun way to make more money and meet new people. I’ve been leading craft workshops for several years now and it has been amazing! The attendees are so creative and really enjoy doing something they might not usually get the chance to explore. It has allowed me to share my passion with others while drawing in more income for my handmade business. Let’s go through the process of picking a subject, arranging the class, and reviewing what you could change for the future!

Decide on a Class Topic

If you’re talented in a variety of creative arts, brainstorm about what would be a good class topic to teach to others. Some crafts are not as easy to complete in a short period of time or they might require heavy machinery. Also consider the age minimum for your particular craft. Most instructors focus on a project that students can take home with them. The exception would be things like a pottery painting workshop where you’ll kiln fire the pieces and they’ll pick them up later.

Find a Teaching Platform

There are a lot of websites and platforms to list your classes on, from online to local art centers. Ask around to see what would be a good fit for your topic and do some research about the fees, exposure, etc. Some sites and organizations might have an application process where you present the details of your class, so have that prepared ahead of time. You’ll also need photos of the finished products as an example for your class listing. You don’t necessarily have to list your class through a platform, but it does help you get more students via their promotions and advertising.

Select a Venue

An appropriate venue is the key to a successful class. Ask the platform you are listing on for recommendations as well as checking out local event spaces, coffee shops, etc. Some venues might charge you to rent the space, while other might just require a food or beverage purchase. Visit the location at least once before your class to make sure it will be right for your event. Check to make sure they have parking available as well as other amenities you might need (like wifi).

Market to Potential Students

Promoting your craft class is essential to getting a lot of students. The website or organization you’re listing your class on will typically do some advertising, and you can spread the word on social media. If you have a mailing list you can send out information about it to your contacts. Also try other methods of promotion, including paper signs (ask permission to put them coffee shops, etc.) and ads in the newspaper.

Prepare the Materials

Your workshop will go smoothly if you are well-prepared. A few weeks before the day assess your supplies to make sure you have enough of what they’ll need. This will allow you enough time to purchase anything else. Also be sure you have enough paper and ink to print out any instructions for the students. A few days before the class make a list of what you are taking and start to pack it up. Then you’ll be all set for the class day!

Teach Your Class!

The day of the class can be a little nerve-wracking. Get there early so you can have plenty of time to set up and deal with any issues that arise. When your students arrive greet them and check off their name from your roster. Also be available by cell phone and email in case someone gets lost or has to cancel.

See What You Can Improve

Every instructor has things that they wish went more smoothly in their class. Think about what you can improve as well as what was successful. If you enjoy doing this class you should schedule another one for the future!

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